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Patty Hoffman is a lifelong hobby artist and storyteller who worked as a full-time daily newspaper reporter for a dozen years before symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis made that fast-paced life impossible.

For several years after that Patty did photo restoration for her husband's small business and developed ease working with digital and analog  pictures. Patty prefers to illustrate in gouache and sometimes edits in Procreate.

Since January 2020, Patty has been devoted to learning the art of picture-book making. She is writing and illustrating a series of children's stories and plans to begin seeking an agent in March of 2023.


Patty is tremendously grateful for the tutoring and education she has received from Orange Beak Studio in the United Kingdom and in particular from amazing gouache illustrator Maisie Paradise Shearing, winner of many prestigious awards including the 2015 Bologna International Illustrator Award. Others affiliated with Orange Beak including designer Ness Wood also have been incredibly helpful to Patty. She is also grateful for her education with New Yorker Cartoonist Bob Eckstein and classes at the Ann Arbor Art Center in her home of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Patty, who turned 57, in November of 2022, happily reports that it is , indeed, "never to late to teach an old dog new tricks!"

Patty is currently working on updating her portfolio and putting together a dummy book and overview of stories for a children's picture book series about Happy, a lonely dog, and Vienna, a sausage dog who becomes his first friend ever. They have many adventures in this light-hearted series and learn many things about friendship, empathy, kindness and inclusion.

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