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Patty's Portfolio

Patty is primarily a self-taught artist and illustrator. She was a newspaper journalist for twelve years.

Patty took a few drawing and painting classes in college and received some instruction and mentoring in visual storytelling and illustration at the Ann Arbor Arts Center, Orange Beak Studio in the United Kingdom and from New Yorker cartoonist Bob Eckstein. Currently she is working on developing a unique picture book illustration style with her wonderful tutors at Orange Beak Studio. She plans to have the first two dummy books in her series of stories about Happy and Vienna in ship shape before spring.

Please check back in at this space to see how  Patty's style is changing and developing. If you are going to the 2023 Children's Book Fair in Bologna, Italy and want to connect with Patty, please send her a personal message.

Patty prefers to work in gouache on canvas paper and is interested in adding bits of collage to her illustrations. Although she is extensively experienced in photoshop having done photo restoration for her husband's small business in Ann Arbor, Mi., for many years, Patty prefers the texture and beauty of traditional materials.

That said, Patty is not opposed to taking her Ipad out and about for observational sketching. She sometimes uses Procreate to work out composition problems before she sits down to approach an illustration.